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What is Cryptobank?

Cryptobank is a crypto bank offering a wide range of financial services including a bank card, investment opportunities on a global marketplace, cryptocurrencies, insurance and more.


What is Cryptobank Wallet?

The Cryptobank Wallet is a multi-asset blockchain wallet supporting a growing number of cryptocurrencies. Users are able to send and receive cryptocurrencies as well as pay for products and services.


How does CryptobankWallet work?

The wallet is created seamlessly upon signing up with Cryptobank. Users can access their wallets through the Cryptobank phone app. Payments and investments can be easily made through the app by entering the recipient’s address or by using a QR-code. Cryptocurrency balances can be checked similarly to the bank mobile apps.


Are my funds safe?

Cryptobank wallets are secured by applying the highest industry standards. The funds are secured by a combination of hot and cold storage solutions. Cryptobank user wallets are further protected by multi-signature (P2SH) solution providing high security and HD features providing additional privacy.


How do I set up my account?

Setting up an account with Cryptobank is quick & easy. Simply download the app, key in required details and your account along with the blockchain wallet is all set up. How do I transfer cryptocurrencies to my Cryptobank account? Upon setting up an account with Cryptobank, every user receives a wallet address. If a user has assets in other wallets, they can just transfer them to the new wallet using the address provided by Cryptobank.


What is Cryptobank Card?

The Cryptobank card is a premium debit card which enables Cryptobank users to spend cryptocurrencies to buy goods and services and withdraw funds from ATMs all over the world. Card users can spend every supported digital asset in the Cryptobank wallet, with the list of supported assets growing steadily.


How do real world payments work with cryptocurrencies?

Cryptobank users are not required to convert their cryptoassets into fiat in order to pay to merchants or withdraw cash from ATMs. Upon payment or cash withdrawal, the system checks whether the user has a sufficient amount of cryptocurrency in their wallets and deducts this amount from the user’s wallet. Conversion from cryptocurrencies to fiat is done according to the exchange rate of the partnering cryptocurrency exchange. These rates are displayed to card users real-time inside the app.


Where is Cryptobank Card accepted?

The Cryptobank Card is accepted at millions of online and offline locations worldwide.


What are the benefits of using Cryptobank Card?

Any time a user makes a payment using Cryptobank Card, he or she will receive a 0.05% rebate in the form of Cryptobank Coin. The rebate will double if the user pays using Cryptobank Coin. This incentive benefits Coin users and holders, as it ensures that the currency is constantly being traded, making it more desirable and valuable.


What is Cryptobank Marketplace?

The Cryptobank marketplace allows users to invest into stocks, P2P loans, real-estate or other investments directly from the Cryptobank mobile app.


What does Cryptobank Marketplace do different?

The Cryptobank Marketplace allows investors to access a wide range of investment services while performing KYC just once and depositing funds into a single wallet. Upon doing this, investors access all services at once and control their entire portfolio from a single dashboard.